About MeEdit

I am -=<wingz>=- I aim to be as skilled a dogfighter as possible in the ys skies, and I enjoy trolling, causing chaos, and flying things in ways they shouldn't be flown. I'm a big fan of murdering everyone I come across that isn't a civvy. I am NOT wingzfan, as some people seem to think. Overall, I kick ass. If you see me on the servers, just try and take me down.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

I've been around ysflight for a pretty long time now. I first showed up in mid 2010 and enjoyed flying around on the 171st server. I found ys through /v/ and have lurked the forums, though I am generally not a fan of much of the community. Too much crap and 12 year olds. Anyways, I've started flying again in recent months. You have a decent chance to catch me on hostile servers from time to time.

My AffiliationsEdit

My affiliations in ys are sort of loose. I became steam friends with some 171st after raiding their ts in early 2011, and I know some of the more skilled dogfighters for having fought them from time to time. I've never been part of a squad nor do I intend to be, mainly because most squads suck.

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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