Labelled map of Tohoku. Int'l airports in bold.

Tohoku is the Tohoku Region of the north end of the island of Japan, north of Fukushima, and minus Yamagata Prefecture. Tohoku has the second-greatest distance between airports of all default maps in YSFlight. With minimal terrain obstructions and a majority of large airports with Instrument Landing Systems(ILS) available, Tohoku is ideal for instrument flight.


Airport information for Tohoku:


  • Rwy 10/28, ILS both ends


  • Rwy 06/24, ILS both ends, too short for large jets (A340 fail take-off)


  • Rwy 10/28, ILS both ends


  • Medium airport
  • Rwy 02/20, small tarmack on 02 end, with tiny taxiway. Max capacity would be 2 small a/c.
  • tight for medium jets (A320 on take-off, B737 on take off)


  • Rwy 09/27, longer, ILS both ends
  • Rwy 12/30, shorter


  • Rwy 10/28: Has ILS both ends
  • Rwy 15/33: Has ILS both ends but is too short for medium airliners(A320 fail takeoff.)
  • The taxiway closest to 28 is too close to a hangar, large a/c will clip a wing.

NOTE: Miyako: is a VOR transmitter, not an airport.

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