TR's two primary aircraft, the F-22 Red Ripper and A-10X Thunderbolt 3 (both painted by Boogergoblins/BravoGolf), parked on the flightline at Gatwick.

Team Rage is a personal aerobatics group founded by J.D. (aka Darris XTMRage on YSFHQ), HawkbitAlpha, KDFire, and Sir Madcatter in November 2011. TR is a closed group and has never accepted new members.

When the group was started as TRAT, they received a large amount of criticism for their large similarity to TA. However, after J.D.'s return to the YSFlight community in the end of 2012, they shifted away from this style.

As of December 2014, although seemingly inactive, Team Rage continues within a secret server on YSFlight as a subdivision of a gaming supergroup known only as Task Force 51.

Since early 2015, HawkbitAlpha and J.D., TR's most active members in YS, have been banned from YSFHQ, along with SantiXgoIV, now the commander of Task Force 51. Since then, all of the group's activity within YS has vanished from the public eye.


Team RageEdit

Task Force 51Edit

  • Mattaphobia (Commanding Officer)
  • Omnilectric (Executive Officer)
  • SantiXgoIV
  • PhantomJohann
  • TheGrandmaster
  • Headhunter
  • Annoying Error
  • A.Z.51
  • Allista
  • Arvettean
  • AdolfHipster
  • TheBFGFreak
  • Archangel990
  • KingVector
  • Falkon
  • Dragonaut117
  • Mardante11
  • Vernondex
  • FairchildHawker
  • TwinWolf
  • WildOxen
  • Maverick
  • Maximilian
  • LordEmir
  • MrMetallkniv
  • TheNorthmanAlex
  • Buggs_Brenner
  • ZachKinecht

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