About MeEdit

I'm SvenPhantom, the current CO of the VMFA-125 of the CVW-171 squadron, which is undeniably the most best sub-squad of the CVW-171st. You will occasionally see me flying the AH-1Z Zulu Cobra/Viper around Honolulu destroying targets, but other than that. You will see my flying Russian aircraft and F-35Bs. My interest is general Aviation and videogames. I plan to enroll in Embry-Riddle Aeronatuical University. Here are my goals for 2011 right now.

  • Replace Sentinel as the Black guy of the CVW-171st
  • Kill Bombcat in his CAG Bird with a Mig-21
  • Put ysflight under Soviet Rule
  • Annoy Nuggets as much as possible.
  • I like my 4th goal the best :D I like cookies.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

I played ysflight back in 2006 but I didn't know about online play and yspilots until 2007. Since then I joined in and wanted to be in a Combat Squadron so I may learn how to do combat and to progress with his Soviet Invasion of ysflight. I decided I would either go to the VFA-49th or the CVW-171st. But ultimately, thanks to Sentinel, I went into the CVW-171st. After 2 years of Rigirous training and insulting from his voice in Teamspeak, (not to mention getting his butt handed to him by Deathstrike in dogfights) I became the CO of the VMFA-125. I joined the SOS Brigade in 2011 to fight boredom in the current depression of ysflight.

My AffiliationsEdit


My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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