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Slapstick is a default fictional map in Ysflight. It comes with the default ysflight, and is well known for it's large indestructable buildings, stunt tunnels (which are extremely hard to navagate), floating hangar and very large helipad, and it's covered runway.


There are 2 offical airports in Slapstick, one in a entirely covered building with the exception of 2 holes to allow aircraft in/out, the other one outside. Both have 2 starting positions; one on either side of the runway. There are also 2 more starting positions on the "Ground", one on a floating helipad that constantly shifts up and down; the other on a floating hangar that is travelling very fast. Besides those, there are also the north and south start postions.

Ground TargetsEdit

There is only one ground target at slapstick, and that is a practice ground target. It is extremely hard to get to, the player having to navagate several tunnels with a room, and doing a 180 degrees turn then getting out as soon as they destroy the ground target. It is recommended to use a small aircraft with good manuverbility e.g. the Hawk to acess the ground target.

Other Special FeaturesEdit

In slapstick, there is an indoor runway, in which you have to fly through a narrow hole in the wall, always ascending, to get outside. Besides that, there are several large indestructable grey buildings in the map, with holes in them. These holes are meant for one to navagate through, but it is extremely hard to do so, as they are narrow and often involve sharp turns. This map is also noted for being entirely placed on water, for it's very fast flying hangar, and moving helipad.

Starting PositionsEdit

1. Outside airport:

- RW36 (South end of the runway)

- RW18 (North end of the runway)

2. Inside airport:

- RW27 (East end of the runway)

- RW09 (West end of the runway)

3. Floating Helipad

- AIR1 (Middle of giant floating helipad)

4. Flying Hangar

- AIR2 (In the small flying hangar flying at about 134.5 knots)

5. North Starting Positions

- NORTH10000_01 (North of outside airport)

- NORTH10000_02 (North of outside airport)

- NORTH10000_03 (North of outside airport)

- NORTH10000_04 (North of outside airport)

- NORTH10000_05 (North of outside airport)

6. South Starting Positions

- SOUTH10000_01 (South of outside airport)

- SOUTH10000_02 (South of outside airport)

- SOUTH10000_03 (South of outside airport)

- SOUTH10000_04 (South of outside airport)

- SOUTH10000_05 (South of outside airport)

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