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We fly flights around Hawaii, either charter or personal. Our fleet mainly consists of classic airplanes.

The Airline was founded by ETNU and Falkenwut in early 2007. The response was good and Saloha grew fast. Just in the first 6 days since the beginning the first 100 Flights were done and the number of flights is still growing fast. Due to the bad logging of other YS Airlines it can only be estimated that Saloha is the most active YSFlight Airline at the moment.

The first plane and flagship of Saloha, the Tupolev Tu-154M is still the most popular plane in the Fleet. Six months after it's first flight in Saloha colors it flew over 125 Flighthours and it is the 4th most online used plane (according to the YS Servers Website).

Fleet Edit

Tupolev Tu-154M Short/Midrange Airliner Used for routes between Islands

DC-3 Old Shortrange Propliner Used for regional routes

Mi-8 Helicopter Used for regional routes

Cessna 182 Small Prop-plane Used for pilot training

Canadair Regional Jet 200 Regional Jet for executive flights

YS-11 Regional Prop Airliner for short routes

DH82 Tigermoth Vintage Propplane for scenic flights

Coming Soon - Airbus A320 Midrange Airliner for the MSFS Fleet

Booking System Edit

Saloha booking system

One of the best things about Saloha was the very unique and realistic flight booking system. Although entirely fictional, the booking system shown a timetable of flights with an option to book them.

Since 2008 Saloha Airlines no longer operates.

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