STA's are the major positions defined for srfs being animated in a dnm file. The number of STA's assigned to any given animation differs. Refer to the table below for more information.

Creating AnimationsEdit

STA's provide boundary conditions for animations to function in YS Flight. For most animations they provide minimum and maximum positions for srf files to be in based on inputs from the user. For example, the flaps require two STAs. One for up, and the other for fully deployed. If the user deploys the flaps to 50%, then YS Flight will display the animation as 50% of the way between the position of the two STAs. STA's can also be used to keep certain elements of the aircraft model from being rendered when not being used. This reduces the lag that can be generated by detailed models. Toggling the visible, non-visible option will keep the srf at that STA visible, or invisible.

Animation Quick Reference ChartEdit

Aircraft Animation Quick Reference Chart
Animation CLA # # of STA's STA Positions
Landing Gear


2 Up / Down
Variable Geometry Wing 1 2 Swept Back / Swept Forward
Afterburner (Reheat) 2 2 On / Off
Spinner (Propeller) 3 1 Rotate about z-axis
Airbrake 4 2 Retracted / Deployed
Flaps 5 2 Retracted / Deployed
Elevator 6 3 Neutral / Up / Down
Ailerons 7 3 Neutral / Left / Right
Rudder 8 3 Neutral / Left / Right
Bomb Bay Doors 9 2 Up / Down
VTOL Nozzle 10 2 Up / Down
Thrust reverse 11 2 On / Off

Thrust vector animation long time delay (a.k.a. TV-interlock)

12 2 Up/ Down
Thrust vector animation short time delay (a.k.a. High-speed TV-interlock) 13 2 Up/ Down
Gear doors (open only for transition, close when gear down) 14 2 Up / Down
Inside gear bay (shows only when gear is down) 15 2 On / Off
Brake (arrester) 16 2 Up / Down
Gear doors (open when down) 17 2 Up / Down
Low throttle static object (a.k.a low speed propeller) 18 0 Select Object
High throttle static object (a.k.a high speed propeller) 20 0 Select Object
Turret Objects 21 3 Select Object**
Rotating wheels 22 1 Rotate about z-axis*
Steering 23 3 Neutral / Left / Right
Nav lights 30 2 On / Off
Anti collision lights 31 2 On / Off
Strobe lights 32 2 On / Off
Landing lights 33 2 On / Off
Landing gear lights (off with gear up) 34 2 On / Off

​*This is based on extrapolation from the propeller (CLA 3) STA setup.

**For Turrets, normal orientation is for the model to be pointing in the positive x direction of the parent object/empty. For a tail gunner, the parent empty must be rotated 180 degrees about the global Z axis so that the guns point back.