About Edit

Prowings Flying Club was established in 2011 and is a light aircraft flying training unit on YSFlight. The current Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) is Dave.

Flying Training Edit

Pro wings conducts flying training (also known as the Prowings Flying Scholarship) is very similar to real world military elementary flying training provided by the Royal Air Force (RAF). The flying training is not too realistic as to not turn away potential new pilots or not too simple that it is too easy. Its just the right amount, for the student to learn basic flying skills and have a laugh at the same time!

"Blue" Rating Criteria Edit

  • Flight Controls and Aerobatics (Optional)
  • Stalling and Recovery (Optional)
  • Circuit Flying - Emergencies
  • "Ghosted" Solo Checkride (Ghosted = Instructor sat in cockpit, not a ghost in the cockpit!)

On successfully completing a ghosted solo checkride, the student earns the "Blue" rating.

"Silver" Rating Criteria Edit

  • One solo circuit

On successfully completing a solo circuit, the pilot earns the "Silver" rating.

"Gold" Rating Criteria Edit

  • Navigation checkride
  • Navigation solo

On successfully completing a cross country solo, the Pilot earns his gold rating, and is now officially a general aviation BADA$$ and can become an instructor pilot.

Wall of successful pilots Edit

Time Student Rating Additional Information
Summer 2011 Dave Blue, Silver, Gold, Instructor Yes, I went through training myself!
Summer 2011 Daniel Blue, Silver, Gold, Instructor Dan was the first student trough training. Dan helped develop the course.
Summer 2011 Martjin Dutchie Blue, Silver Martjin trained in the Diamond DA-20.
Summer 2011 Neil Blue, Silver Neil was the only pilot who trained using the Piper J-3 Cub!
Autumn 2012 TB1 Blue, Silver TB1 flew the SA Bulldog military trainer.
Summer 2013 Megakoce Blue Mega flew the Cessna 150, and was very good at it.
Autumn 2014 Jetskit Blue, Silver Jetskit flew the Diamond DA-20 just like Martjin. Jetskit flew with flying colours.

Training aircraft Edit

Prowings use a small fleet of aircraft sourced from the YSF Welsh Addons Hanger (formerly YAA pack), Tf58 pack, GAC and stock aircraft.

Commonly used aircraft Edit

These are the most frequently used aircraft:

  • Diamond DA-20 Katana (Stock/Tf58)
  • Scottish Aviation Bulldog (YSF Welsh Add-ons Hangar)
  • Grob Tutor G115E (YSF Welsh Add-ons Hangar)
  • Cessna 150 (YSF Welsh Add-ons Hangar)

Want to earn your flying rating? Edit

  • Contact Dave (David) on YSFHQ.
  • Arrange a time and place to meet up, preferably on the YSFHQ Team speak for voice communication.

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