About Penguin AirwaysEdit

Penguin Airways Virtual Airline is a well-established Virtual Airline                                                                          that began operations in 2011.They simulate the operations of a real life airline on ysflight simulator and its networks. They are one of the most sophisticated Virtual Airlines available on this network and they provide an aesthetically pleasing, reliable website with features unique to Penguin Airways Virtual Airline. They operate a diverse fleet of aircraft allowing them to fly to many routes, short and longhaul. Their website can be found here.

Airline HistoryEdit

Penguin Airways Virtual Airline began operations in September 2011. When the departure of FAVA was announced, Allokka decided that there would need to be another Virtual Airline to server the community, Jetskit agreed with this and thats when they started planning Penguin Airways. Originaly, PAVA was set to be named "Boomerang Air" and would be a low cost carrier. However the decision was made to keep the airline as an international carrier. Once the airline got its YSFHQ certification, they began to gain members, however the CEO and one of the founding members, Allokka had to focus on his life and his family. So he handed over his position to Jetskit. Since then Jetskit has been the CEO of the airline. There has also been many Vice Presidents of the VA. Gennaro became the Vice President after Allokka left YSFLIGHT, and he helped us become the VA that we are now. However, NathL soon took the position and helped even further. Now the Vice President is Varren.


Penguin Airways has had many fleet packs, all filled with many aircraft. This is a list of all retired and active aircraft that has and still are in the fleet.

Aircraft Status
Airbus A321 Retired
Airbus A340 Retired
Airbus A330 F Active
Airbus A319 Active
MD11F Retired
MD80 Active
Boeing 737-300 Retired
Boeing 737-800 Active
Boeing 767-300 Active
Boeing 787-9 Active
Concorde Retired
Cessna 208 Caravan Retired
Embraer E190 Active

Dornier 328 Prop


Penguin Airways Virtual Airline Livery GalleryEdit

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