Palm Virtual is the holding group of the YSFlight units Palm Air and Palm Security. It was founded November 1st 2016.


Palm Air is a civilian faction operated by Palm Virtual. It is a member of Vingar Alliance and operates 707's, 727's, 737's and Concordes. It operates from it's hubs of St. Marteen, Miami, Jacksonville, and Memphis. It also operates charter services by request.


Palm Security is a military faction operated by Palm Virtual. It was formerly a member of NUNIMF, but after multiple problems with fellow NUNIMF members UPEO and SARF it left the alliance. It is currently an iff 3 unit operating from Lanai Airport on Lanai Island, Hawaii. It is in a conflict against it's primary enemy VFA-49 as well as UPEO and SARF. They operate a fleet of F/A-18's, F/A-28's, and BAe Hawks. 

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