"Nodoka 'Nikki' Hanamura" is a YSFlight player, and one of many members of the YSFlight Community. Albeit the name being female and Japanese in nature, Mahora-27 in Real Life, is a male-born transgender female, and lives in the Eastern United States. The Name is a Online Alias they use, which was birthed after creating a Account on Linden Lab's Infamous Virtual World service, Second Life, which is the Name used with their avatar in world, and continues to use across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

They are a Member of the YSFHQ Marketing Team, and the Commanding Officer and Founder of GrunSolutions, a Gaming clan that has its roots in YSFlight.

Origins Edit

Originally known as Razgriz on YSPilots, Nodoka was somewhat of a target for ridicule by administrators and other more mature users on the board, mainly for being a hotshot. Years went by, and following the Crash of YSPilots, YSFHQ was born. During this stint, they launched a failed (and very cringeworthy) squadron, the LNADF 397th TFBS. Following the disbanding of the 397th, Nodoka had founded the Grun Squadron as a successor to the 397th. Following this, Nodoka pushed to create GRUNWEB one year later, as part of Internal project 'RAPID BELLDANDY'. Following VNAF Airfest 2015, The Grun expanded once more, this time into Aerobatics, with the founding of the Mahora Demonstration Team (Name origin from Mahora Academy, a place in the Negima Manga and Anime.).

In January 2016, Nodoka began to use their Online Alias in the YSFlight Community.

In April 2016, Nodoka announced publicly that after almost a decade (estimated due to uncooperative memory) of questioning their gender, that they would become a female. Along with announcing their new Name, Nikki, Nodoka said there would be no changes or departure from the Grun or MDT.

In July 2016, Grun TFS and the MDT were absorbed into GrunSolutions, a newly founded Gaming clan.

Today, Nodoka operates GrunSolutions, as well as being a member of the YSFHQ Marketing Team.

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