Hi, I am NightRaven. I am the only active Singaporean in the YS scene, and currently still in studies.

My YSFlight History
Fsmaindx 2013-07-25 16-58-00-68

The GAF-01 Varcolac in YSF.


Started YSF in late 2010, with the username VARCOLAC. Back then when servers were really active, I enjoyed my time on Eric's and 42South. I was running YS on Ubuntu, until the system became corrupt. I did manage to rebuild my collection of mods on Windows. Part of YSP until it got hacked and went offline.

Now I am under the username NightRaven. Member of YSFHQ. I still do fly sporadically alone or with the 49th on the servers when I have the time. I have picked up modding during my time in HQ and have made several mods.

My AffiliationsEdit

Gennaro's YSIAF



My YSFlight GalleryEdit

Take a look here.

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