Neil was a active member of the YSFlight Community from 2008 to 2014.

History Edit

Neil Discovered YS in 2008, joined YSP on 2009, YSFHQ in 2011. He was a part of the 108th and CVW-171st at parts of his time within the community, and was known for hosting a semi-popular server. He was also known for releasing "cookie cutter repaints" and an "absolutely awful MD-902 which looked nothing like an MD-902". His final activity in the YSFlight community was being involved in instigating conflict against the 108th as the 666th Leader. This act alerted the Grun and SARF Combat Groups as well as some other people at YSFHQ, and resulted in a investigation into his activity. Following this, he has been inactive.


CVW-171st (Formerly)

108th (Formerly)

666th (Formerly)

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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