Hi I am NajmiCreative and I am the founder of the Malaysia Airlines System VA(MASVA)of YSFlight . I am 17 years old (19/7/1999) and I live in Kampung Kebun Bunga,Batu Tiga,Shah Alam,Selangor and my school SMK TTDI Jaya was near the Subang AFB for the 20th Squadron C-130H and KC-130T and 16th Squadron Beechcraft B200T

My YSFlight History Edit

-Joined the community in 4th September 2014

-Launch the Malaysia Airlines System VA (now Virtual Malaysian Airliners) on 2nd of November,2014

-Currently ranked as Contributor


Malaysia Airlines System MH01 takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA) heading towards to London Heathrow International Airport

My Affiliations Edit

- Virtual Malaysian Airliners (VMA)

Contributions Edit

-Founder of Virtual Malaysian Airliners of YSFlight

-release the RMAF(Royal Malaysian Air Force) pack

-refurbished Real's busted A380,MD-11

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