Midnight Rambler when he beats Drahon in a dogfight

About MeEdit

Hey there! I'm Midnight Rambler but most, including you, can call me MR. I've been playing YS since mid 2007 with my buds Drahon and SLI. Some consider me a great dogfighter, but that is only because I had a great teacher in Maverick and an equally great training parter in Drahon. Other than that I'm one of the few Australians who play YS and I run the 42South Server.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

Dogfighting with Drahon. Oh and being 'helped' by SLI in Asimo... J

My AffiliationsEdit

Saloha Airlines, JetBlue, VFA-49, CVW-171, 241st, Cathay Pacific, Olympus Fighter Squad, Echelon Airways, Tropical Airways, TAFC, Air Terranean, 323rd CAW, 398th, Vonte Airways, South East Asia Airways, Southern Cross Airways, VFC-183, Oceanic Airways Virtual Airline, Team Awesome!

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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