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About MeEdit

Hello, I am Martin-Dutchie. I am probably the first user of this community who lives in The Netherlands. I am currently a Moderator on YSFlight Headquarters

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

I first joined the servers almost 2 years ago, under the name Martin-Newbie. I soon changed this name to Martin-Dutchie, and joined the now inactive 108th TFS. Here I met Dan and Dave J, the current CEO and VP of FAVA. After a great time there, the 108th disappeared. FAVA stood up out of its ashes, and that is where I slowly climbed to a Staff VP status. I currently run the 323rd CAW, together with Welshy. I recently joinded the SOS Brigade, to help in the fight against boredom!

My AffiliationsEdit

323rd CAW: I am the JCO of the 323rd CAW, together with Welshy. FAVA: I am a Staff VP of FAVA. SOS Brigade: I am also a member of the SOS Brigade. YSFHQ: I am currently a Moderator on YSFlight Headquarters.

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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