This tutorial shows you how to make a five point star in blender, but the concept can be applied to any number of pointed stars. Included on this page at the bottom is a contribution from Officer Flake on how to make a star in Gepoly.

Multi-Point Star in Blender (By: Decaff_42)Edit

Alright, I'm sure that some of you guyts know how to make nice 5 point stars, but until a little while ago it was a mystery to me until I played around in blender and slapped myself in the head for over thinking things.

Here are two examples for how these stars can be used.



Step 1: Insert a Circle. Press the space bar to see the menu below.


Step 2: Make the number of verticies to equal the number of points on the star.


Step 3: Rotate the Pentagon by -27 degrees around the z-axis (Note that this angle will differ when this technique is used with differnt numbers of points). Press n to get the menu.


Step 4: Cut between the verticies of the pentagon with the exact cut tool. Press K and then select:


Hold down crlt to snap the cutter to the nearest vertex and then select the two vertexes for the cut and then select another point somewhere else.


Step 5: Delete the unnecessary edges. These are the original sides of the pentagon that was made from the 5 sided circle. Make sure you are using the edge selection mode and select the edges. Press x to delete them.





Making Stars in Gepoly (By: Officer Flake)Edit

  1. Make a solid of revolution in 5 steps. This will yeild a pentagonal prism. Cut the prism away till you are left with the polygon.
  2. Repeat the process but smaller, and start upside down.
  3. You should have two pentagons, on inside the other.
  4. Delete both polys, and just play "connect the dots" to make your new 5 point star.

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