Intercontinental Airways was an airline founded in August 2011 by HawkbitAlpha on YSFHQ. It was notably the first YSFlight VA to run an escort division for its own airliners, making use of a specialized red-and-black F-22 in its livery (later adapted in the same color scheme by Team Rage). Its core staff was made up of:


  • August 31, 2011:

HawkbitAlpha (then known as Prince Darkstar) officially founds IAVA on YSFHQ. A week later, then-pilot acf492 joins.

  • October 2011:

IAVA is granted Certification-in-progress (CIP) status with 7 pilots on the roster.

  • February 10, 2012:

IAVA recruits its 10th member, CDKomp

  • July 2012:

IAVA joins its merger, ExpressBlue, in the MembershipDual program, sharing an aircraft pack.

  • October 2012:

HawkbitAlpha, because of his continuous absence in YSFlight, appoints then-EXO acf492 to the CEO position. HBA steps down to EXO.

  • January 2013:

After a long period of waiting, the IAVA fleet pack (made by Boogergoblins and Dragonheart R1) is finally released by the IAVA staff. 3 airliners, along with the VA's specialized escort F-22, are included.

  • March 2014:

Long-time DEO Darris XTMRage resigns from YSFlight, and in turn, his position as DEO of IAVA.

  • 2015:

Due to a lack of communication between himself and all other members (including acf), HawkbitAlpha officially declares IAVA defunct.

  • August 2016:

The shutdown of IAVA is completed, with the forums permanently locked. Many of the VA's assets, including the ExpressBlue pack, are then salvaged and recompiled to form Revenant Express, a VCA (Virtual Cargo Airline) founded by HawkbitAlpha and FairchildHawker.


Fsmaindx 2013-08-25 22-40-45-80

An IAVA 777 preparing for takeoff from Misawa, along with two escort F-22's

Fsmaino 2013-01-02 04-28-15-63

An IAVA 737 MAX-7 in flight over Tohoku

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