The official avatar of the most annoying flyer in YSFlight

About MeEdit

  • YSFHQ Tag:Hawkstar
  • Online Server Tag:[FA VA] Hawkstar

"WHATS HAPPENING YSFLIGHT CAUSE HAWKSTA IS IN DA HEYAWS!!" The name is Hawkstar. Born in 19th of March 1998 in the Philippines and migrated to Canada in September 2010. Most People call him Hawk/Hawkster. Knows the Filipino languages called Tagalog (common) and Illongo (language common is Ilo-Ilo), a bit of Spanish, fluent in English, learning French and has a variety of accents. He's the only Filipino (Philippines) pilot in YSFlight aside from Firewolf and currently carrying the title of the (self-proclaimed but proven) "Most Annoying Flyer of YSFlight"

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

Hawkstar started flying YSFlight in August 2010 under the name Alpha 1 then he changed to Hawkstar after some pilots start attacking him for no reason for "practice". He was an expert in crashing airplanes during landing that day until he managed to learn the basics. The first friends he had those days at first were Guardian 1 and Alphastar then he met Daniel Jones in [erict15's] server one time and told him about FA VA and he decided to join and when he knew the join a VA means he can still join a squad he joined the now defunct 121st. One year later after the 121st shut down he decided about joining 323rd in which he did in July 2011 and now serving for FA VA and 323rd.

===My Affiliations===

  • Fast Airways VA (FAVA) - First Officer
  • Ex-323rd Common Air Wing - Pilot

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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