HawkbitAlpha (known as PR1NC3 D4RK5T4R on YSFHQ) is a user who joined the YSFlight community in mid-2011. He is 17 years old as of 8/13/2016.


Initially appearing on the 171st, EricT, and Fariiniq servers in mid-2011, he quickly developed a rivalry with Gasman, along with much of the 171st, which ran until the 171st YS server lost much of its popularity. Later on in 2011, he worked with Darris XTMRage as a founder/co-founder of Team Rage and Intercontinental Virtual, only the former of which is still operational.

His career did not get revived until early 2012, with YSFF, the 3rd NATO Airwing, and his re-recruiting in the 160th SOAR all beginning. As for the 3rd NATO Airwing, he was promoted to commanding officer, and being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the 160th a year prior. He was also, for a time, "part of" the 444-CV Corvettes.

In late 2013 and early 2014, he dropped many of his duties in the military side of YS in favor of an aerobatics career. In May 2014, he and his brother, KDFire, created the Darkfire Aero Display, a demo involving a customized red-and-black Su-27 Demo Flanker, which was later adapted in the same color scheme into an Su-47. This later evolved into a duo (later trio, with the addition of a third aircraft, the C-5 "Super Vector") with MD5Ray01 as the Firestorm Demo Team.

After being banned from YSFHQ in October 2014 due to issues regarding Team Rage and its parent group, Task Force 51, he announced his official retirement from YS in general. The Firestorm Demo Team, which never publicly performed due to this, ceased to exist for some time, and later disbanded permanently in July 2016. However, Hawkbit has not entirely left YS, as he returned to found a new VA, Revenant Express, in August 2016. In addition to joining GrunSolutions PMC in September 2016, he continues to make YS-based videos.


  • Team Rage #3 (November 2011-present)
  • GrunSolutions PMC Staff Sergeant (September 2016-present)
  • Founder/CEO of Revenant Express VCA (August 2016-present)
  • Founder/EXO of Intercontinental Airways VA (August 2011-October 2014)
  • Firestorm Demo Team #2 (August 2014-October 2014, July 2015-July 2016)
  • 160th SOAR Lieutenant Colonel (2011-2013)
  • Moderator of YSFlight Fans forum (2012)
  • 444-CV Corvettes - Pilot "Theta" (2012)
  • CO of 3rd NATO Airwing (2012-2014)
  • CF-187 Gyrfalcon Demo Pilot (experimental, 2011-2012)
  • 241st Su-27 Demo Pilot (experimental, 2012-2013)

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