HawkbitAlpha (known as PR1NC3 D4RK5T4R on YSFHQ) is a user who joined the YSFlight community in early 2011. He is 18 years old as of 11/19/2017.


Initially appearing on the 171st, EricT, and Fariiniq servers in early 2011, Hawkbit (then flying under the name ACSBehemothHellcat) quickly garnered himself a bad reputation among several YS combat squadrons for his highly-immature conduct, culminating in an infamous moment of vulching an entire server in spring 2011 with the Major UFO. From that point until the closure of the original 171st server in mid-2012, Hawkbit was a constant target of the squadron, who regularly teamed up with Gasman and other enigmatic dogfighters to carry out the hunt.

Amidst this vendetta, Hawkbit ventured into the civilian YS world, with his foundation of Intercontinental Airways VA in August 2011. Though initially mildly successful due to Hawkbit's ambitious hirings, a hostile raid on the VA's Forumotion website in March 2012 resulted in the collapse of its user base, after which the VA never recovered in activity. It eventually was closed for good in late 2014, and replaced with the Revenant Express VCA project.

In late 2011, Hawkbit became involved with users including PC195, RedEagle, and jackwhite252, and was a member of jackwhite's 3rd NATO Airwing organization until its unexplained closure in early 2012. Shortly following this was Hawkbit's induction into the much-maligned 444-CV Corvettes group by Varren, with whom he participated in the short-lived 444th-108th War of spring 2012, and remained a de facto member until early 2013.

Early 2014 saw Hawkbit's attempted transition from military and civilian YS into the aerobatics scene, which was solidified with his co-creation (with MD5Ray01) of the Firestorm Demo Team project. However, after being publicly banned twice from YSFHQ due to various issues regarding a number of his associates, Hawkbit announced his indefinite retirement from YS in general. The Firestorm Demo Team, which never publicly performed due to this development, ceased to exist for some time, and later disbanded permanently in July 2016 due to scheduling and creative setbacks.

Hawkbit has since returned to interacting with YS, enlisting as a member of GrunSolutions PMC and creating original Youtube content. However, due to his loss of solid internet access in late 2016, he has been effectively cut off from online YS. It is yet to be seen if he will ever truly return to the community.