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About MeEdit

Guardian-1 first started using ysflight in 2008. He flew mainly offline until the summer of 2009, where he first flew online under the name "Aviator2s". As aviator2s he was very introverted, and never got involved into any activities on server. Later on he became the loner, nomadic fighter pilot known as Skyfighter. As skyfighter he was seen frequently on the 171 server Dogfighting in a blue F-CK-1B; mainly against any pilot who flew a f-16. One of his first notable battles was the very first time dogfighting Bombcat of the 171, where his tighter turning plane was shot down by bombcat's f-14 using a high yo-yo tactic. After growing tired of the monotony of dog fighting, he took a short hiatus from ysflight; seldom flying online under the alias "Goshawk". Soon he resumed flying on servers as Skyfighter, except now using a rafale for dogfights. Once again finding monotony in dogfights, he stopped using the name. It was then he switched to his current name Guardian-1. As Guardian-1 he was more extroverted, and dedicated his time to learning how to provide AWACS support. At the same time he started to befriend many pilots on server including the likes of Broken arrow, mitout, and most notably Iceman of the 171. Guardian was convinced by his peers to join yspilots in march of 2011. Shortly after joining yspilots, he was approached by vandal to apply to CVW 171st. As of today he is currently serving in VT-171 as a junior AWACS officer. Upon graduation Guardian hopes to be CO of VAQ-108, a void left open by unstung. Guardian is often seen now of the 171 server flying the E-2D hawkeye of the E/A-18G growler. When not on server he sometimes writes short stories bases on squad comps.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

  • .Started playing ysflight-2008
  • .joined yspilots-2011
  • .joined yshq-2011
  • member of CVW 171st
    • April 2011 - present
    • member of VT-171

My AffiliationsEdit

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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