GrunSolutions PMC is a YSFlight Military Group led by YSFHQ user Nodoka Hanamura.


About The SquadronEdit

"In-universe" information Edit

The former Belkan Air Force Fighter Squadron Grun, was founded in 1990 by Bernard Schimdt. However, following the Belkan War in 1996, where the United States, Osea, Yuketobania, the (then known as USSR) Russia, Ustio and Sapin Invaded Belka after Belka's reclamation of lands sold during their economical collapse in the 1980s following the Orion Incident. The Grun was then bought off of the Belkan Air Force by Artemis Inc., A Private Military Company. It's Commanding officer at the time, Nodoka "Nikki" Hanamura, flew with the Grun During Operations in the Middle East and Asia, Namely Operation Enduring Freedom, a NATO-IUNAF Operation against Al-Qaeda and up until, at least for the Grun, ISIL in 2014. In 2014, Nodoka Hanamura bought the Grun off of Artemis, including all assigned assets. Later, A deal was met with Mahora Academy, a Private Academy in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. Due to rising concerns over North Korea, The Japanese Government allowed for the deal to proceed, violating their constitution, which brought concern to the United States, which attempted to intervene. The Deal pertained to make the Mahora Academy's Aviation Club's Konoe Airfield - A Joint Civil/Military Air base, and to station the Grun Squadron there as a Military Defense Force for Mahora Academy and the Greater Tokyo Area in the event of Invasion. Unlike the past uncouth behavior of US Troops, and the local disdain for the US Military like that in Okinawa, the Grun were welcomed due to their respect for the natives and embracing of Japanese Customs. To this day, the Grun TFS serves under the Neo United Nations Security Forces as a Contracted Mercenary Agency, but still hold protecting their home as priority.

In 2016, Nodoka Hanamura founded GrunSolutions, a Multi-venture Umbrella company for all areas of activity involving it's CEO. GrunSolutions PMC, the Private Military Company subsidiary of GrunSolutions, is home to the Grun TFS and VFA-121, and operates out of Mahora City, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan, and, through it's profitable activities, Donates 40% of it's quarterly Profits to Local Charities, Including the Mahora Academy Tuition Assistance Programme, the Green Tokyo Initiative, and also to Mahora City, to help with City Beautification, as well as donating to other Charities, such as the Estovakian Ulysses Incident Fund and the Belkan War Veterans and Victims Foundation.

Meta-information Edit

Originally known as simply 8th TFS Grun, GrunSol was formed by Nodoka in Spring 2014 amidst the dwindling and weakening YSFlight Combat community. The only member at first was Nodoka, but soon to follow was a XO, which was also an HRO (High Ranking Officer) in the UPEO, Ace Combat Colonel (Now known as Djehuty, who has since been replaced with Abel Flyer following being Honorably Discharged from the Grun.) In 2015, after a small period of inactivity, GrunSol was reactivated, still under the moniker of Grun TFS, however, forgoing the Belkan Air Force identity for that of a mercenary group. During this period, Grun TFS would expand to create their own website, as well as a server and Teamspeak, as part of "RAPID BELLDANDY", one of their many projects.

In Summer 2016, Grun TFS was absorbed into GrunSol PMC, and proceeded to merge Swift's VFA-121 under the GrunSol banner. To this day, GrunSol strives to become one of the many legacies of the YSFlight Community, up there with CVW-171 and the 241st Shadow Hunters.

In Fall 2016, A split in GrunSolutions' Grun Squadron to help with issues regarding timezones and constraints on operations resulted in the founding of the 4th Aerial Squadron, Founded by Abel Flyer. At the same time, Dision of SARF had agreed to merge with GrunSolutions PMC to bring SARF under GrunSol's "umbrella", as it were. This bumped up the number of personnel to a estimated 15 Total under the PMC Division.

Following Conflicts with users of YSFlight Headquarters, GrunSolutions PMC's YSFlight Division dissolved, focusing on Second Life operations for the time being. However, after contemplation, GrunSolutions has returned to YSFlight, however, due to internal differences betwixt it and YSFlight Headquarters, does not recruit, or operate out of YSFHQ, but operates out of their Discord, and has plans to create a new community for YSFlight users.

Squadrons Edit

Grun Squadron Edit

Origins Edit

The Grun Squadron is the progenitor of GrunSol, and embodies the dream of leading a military group in YSFlight - A

Pilot - A Fleet - and a Banner to wave. Although it has come a long way since it's birth in 2014, GrunSol still holds true to it's mission statement to protect aircraft, as well as to maintain the heartbeat of the MilAv community. Originally operated by Nodoka Hanamura and Djehuty in the early days of it's existance, the Grun slowly grew into what it is today, one of the next generation of Military Squadrons in YSFlight.

VFA-121 Edit

VFA-121 was a Special Operations and Intelligence squadron founded by Swift in Summer of 2016. Following GrunSol's founding, Swift had been given a proposition to merge VFA-121 under GrunSol. He had accepted the offer, and merged with GrunSol in July 2016. In December 2016, VFA-121 was dissolved due to unknown reasons.

Nachtwerke Edit

Nachtwerke is a division of GrunSolutions founded as it's R&D and Special Operations divisions.

With Recruitment being exclusive to trusted personnel in GrunSolutions PMC, Nachtwerke specializes in Research and Development, Tactical analysis and planning, Signals/Electronic Intelligence (SIGINT/ELINT) and General Intelligence (GENINT).


The initial objective of GrunSol was to provide a safe environ for all aircraft regardless of aviation style, and to maintain the "Heartbeat" of the combat community, but has since expanded to be a "Unofficial Ambassador" for YSFlight.

Rank System Edit

The Grun Squadron utilizes a Chain of Command and Rank Structure based on The US Military, Russian Military, and WW2 Nazi Germany.

The Rank Structure is as follows:


This rank is reserved for new members of the YSFlight community. These persons are not officially part of the Grun, and are under a "Pactio".


The Entry level rank. New Members and old members (who joined before the creation of this Ranking System) whose combat skills and contributions to both the Grun and the YSFlight Community are unable to be measured to find a suitable rank for them are given this rank.

Efreitor First Class

The Second Rank. Members who hold this rank have proven their dedication to the Grun and to the YSFlight Community, and have also completed enough trainings to be able to take part in Combat with other squadrons.

Staff Sergeant

The Third Rank. Members who hold this rank have gained a sizeable amount of respect from not just the community, but from the Squadron as well. These Members are charged with helping recruit new members to the squadron, and to help promote the image of the squadron throughout the YSFlight Community.


The Fourth Rank, and the final one to be reached through normal promotions. Members who hold this rank have proven their mettle with other squadrons in the YSFlight Community, and have shown the true spirit and might of the Grun to all they encounter: Courteous and Willing to help those who cannot fend for themselves, Active and Helpful in the Community, and Brave and Strong-willed in the most unfavorable of situations. These members have done much to help not just the Grun grow, but helped grow the YSFlight Community, and helped promote YSFlight and the community surrounding it to others. These members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, are tasked with being ambassadors of the Grun TFS alongside the Commanding and Executive Officers, and as unofficial Ambassadors of the YSFlight Community.


This Rank is reserved for members who have been honorably discharged for the following Reasons: Schooling regarding heavy dedication to work, Military Deployment, Life Issues and Death. These members have served in the Grun with pride and honor, and are no longer capable to fulfill their duties. As such, they have been designated as Retired.


The rank of the Executive Officer. This person handles managing the development of new aircraft and events for the squadron in tandem with the CO, And is trusted by the CO of the Squadron To help in the tasks given to those of lower station, as well as Moderate the forum.


The rank of the Commanding Officer. This person Manages most other aspects not covered by those of lesser station such as Server maintenance, Forum Maintenance, and other squadron management/ownership duties.

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