GrunSolutions, also known as GrunSolutions Inc. or , GrunSolutions Kabushiki Gaisha, is a Online Gaming Clan "Company" that originated from the Grun TFS, and was founded in July 2016. GrunSolutions, or more commonly known as GrunSol, operates in YSFlight first and formost, but has made attempts to branch out into other games, Such as Second Life and Unturned. Military-based activity is handled by their PMC branch, GrunSolutions PMC.

As of June 2017, the Chain of Command consists of Nodoka Hanamura as CEO, and MD5Ray01 as COO, following Faza Abel's honorable discharge from GrunSolutions PMC. Each division, YSFlight, Second Life, etc. - has their respective groups, whose COs and XOs answer to the CEO and COO.

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