Greenhorn is a flight enthusiast, and loves anything with wings. However, he prefers commercial and general aviation aircraft compared to combat and aerobatic aircraft. He also is in possesses a drawing tablet and occasionally posts art on the forums. Greenhorn is also a pretentious twat that likes to write his wiki in third person.  :^)

Flight History Edit

Greenhorn first stumbled upon YSFlight in late 2012 while looking for a free simulator to replace the copy of the FSX demo he had been using prior, due to a PC shaped potato reducing it to a slideshow. Shortly after, he soon found the YSFHQ forums and began posting rubbish much to the annoyance of his peers.

Greenhorn then joined Hawaiian Airways Virtual Airlines (HAVA) and began logging flights in a bid to obtain captain status in the VA. He later stumbled upon a YS Thunderbirds practice and somehow snagged a back up position as the #4 slot pilot despite not signing up for it. However, the YSTB soon disbanded for reasons this user can't remember. More misfortune befell Green as HAVA shut down due to the founder, TB1 shutting down HAVA and migrating to a more advanced flight simulator, Green was forever to be stuck at first officer. He continues to fly solo without any affiliation with any virtual airline to this day.

During the YSFHQ WW3 server era, Green founded the 404th NotFound Squadron alongside with Copperhead, flying F-5Es and F-CK-1s until it shut down some time later.

In 2016, Green gradually became less active in YSFlight due to the fact he had himself purchased a copy of FSX: SE. Doing most of his flying in FSX, he essentially migrated onto the more advanced sim.

Greenhorn later bumbles his way into the Brotherhood of Honor, despite not taking part in combat. He joins Lethaldose under the resurrected 404th wing under BoH as a completely useless AWACS and transport pilot.

Affiliations Edit

-404th "Snipehunts"

-Brotherhood of Honor

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