Originally posted by OfficerFlake on YSFHQ on February 5th, 2013.


One of the quickest and easiest tools I ever saw was the Perl Scripts for YSFlight by Asameshi .

Now installing them and getting it to work is not a walk in the park anymore like it was with perl 5.8. I just had to do it all again from scratch, so this is how I did it.

  1. Download & Install Strawberry (32bit only is compatable)
  2. Open Commane Prompt (Windows + R, then type "cmd" and press enter)
  3. Type "cpan -i Tk" and press enter. (Note this is case sensitive. If it doesn't work, try "tk", as some people have had sucess with this.)
  4. Perl Package Manager will now download and install Tk for you, a component needed by the AsaMeshi perl scripts which doesn't come bundled with Perl anymore. Please wait for it.
  5. Once Tk is extracted, Tk will be tested on your system. Enjoy the fireworks as many Tk windows open and close rapidly
  6. Go to your Perl file and right click -> open with...
  7. Navigate to your Strawberry perl forlder, and select the perl.exe file. Normally this is "C:/strawberryperl/perl/bin/perl.exe"
  8. Your're done! Make sure you have from Asameshi's site, and run any .pl file as you need.

Note: If this works, or doesn't work for you, please let OfficerFlake know via YSFHQ Private Message, or by posting in the original YSFHQ forum topic here: /viewtopic.php?f=148&t=5013

DNMBuild perl scriptEdit

To get DNMBUILD to work, you need to download and install WIN32:CLIPBOARD.

  1. In CPAN, type: "get Win32:Clipboard"
  2. Let it download.
  3. In PPM, type "install Win32-Clipboard".
  4. Done.

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