This Wiki Page outlines the fundementals behind animating dnm models for YS Flight Flight Simulator.  The information below is applicable regardless of the method used to create the animations.  There are many tutorials that cover some of the material, but knowing and understanding the information contained here will enable you to understand these tutorials better and focus on learning the programs and methods described.

How Do Animations Work? (CLA's)Edit

When a key is pressed by a user in YS Flight, it sends a command thru the .dnm file of whatever model is being flown seaking instructions for any animations pertaining to the key being pressed. By matching the command's CLA number to the corresponding animation CLA number, a link can be created between animation to display and the key pressed.  As more updates are released for YS Flight, the number of CLA's increases. A full list can be found here

There are 3 ways CLA's can be applied and all regard animations; Aircraft, Ground Objects, Player Controled Vehicles (2013 version).

What does the animation Do?Edit

Animations in YS Flight are controled by up to 3 key positions known as STA's , sometimes refered to as Key Frames in blender.  These dictate minimums and maximums for the movement of various parts, and can be made visible or invisible.  For example, landing gear can be deployed from internal bays where they are housed invisible, thus not being rendered when not active, speeding up framerates.  Upon deployment, they extend downward and lock into their down position.  This particular landing gear has two STA's; an up and down.  Other animations, particularly the major control surfaces like the rudder, elevators, and ailerons have 3 STA's.

The STA's provide reference points for the animations, so if the Flaps are deployed 50% down, then the animation desplayed will have the flaps half way between the two STA's; up and down.

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