FAVA 757 pic

A Fast Airways Virtual Airline 757-200 lifts off from Runway 08L outbound to Maui.


About your AirlineEdit

Fast Airways Virtual Airline (FAVA) Was created in June 2010. Fast Airways Virtual Airline was the most successful Virtual Airline of 2011-12 to date. Fast Airways Virtual Airline had a total of 50+ Members with a fleet of 15 aircraft that were all suited to the destinations they flew to. Fast Airways Virtual Airline has their own unique livery of red


A Fast Airways Vickers VC-10 in the current livery.

and yellow which slowly progressed to fleet pack 4 which saw logo added to Fast Airways Virtual Airline for the first time. Fast Airways Virtual Airline was a very unique Virtual Airline, They often held Air Races and Civilian Formation flying among other competitions. In January the decision was taken to close the Virtual Airline leading to its closure on February 2012.

Fast Airways Virtual (FAV)

Fast Airways was re-started in September 2015. The airline continues to serve Hawaii as well as more comprehensive destinations such as United Kingdom, Canary Islands, Japan, Tennessee and DPRK North Korea.

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