About MeEdit

Hello, I'm Drahon. I'm currently the CO of the VFA-131 Flathattas Sub-squad, within the 171st. My primary skill is dogfighting. I first started playing in mid-2007. I was set on being an aerobatic/airliner pilot. I even co-created the JetBlue VA with Riley, and almost joined the YSBA, until I discovered my knack for Dogfighting. I practiced with Midnight Rambler for awhile, until I decided I'd join the 171st. After completing training I was assigned as the CO of the VFA-131. I recruited West and Shutter, and the rest is history. I am in love with the F-14. You can usually find me on the 171st server, or MSN. My closest affiliates in YS are, Shutter, MR, and the rest of the 171st.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

JetBlue VA, YS Green Arrows, CVW-171

My AffiliationsEdit


My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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