Dragonheart Emblem

The emblem of Dragonheart R1.

About Me Edit

Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard Hawaiian Airways flight 4217 with service to Hilo Int'l. I am your captain, Dragonheart R1. Just a little information about me before we takeoff: I am 19, going on 20 here in about a month. I am a graphics designer, working with both 2D art and 3D aircraft design for YSFlight (works can be found here: And, I am very detail oriented, able to spot the tiniest flaws in aircraft models and maps (Asperger's Syndrome has its perks). Now, I need to remind you that electronic devices must be turned off until we have reached our cruising altitude, and that any radio transmitting devices such as cell phones and video game systems must have their transmitting feature turned off at all times. We'll be sending a refreshment cart down the aisle at about 10,000 ft., so just sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

My YSFlight History Edit

I've only been on YSFlight for about two months, but I fly like I've been doing it forever. I've even been complimented by Iceman himself that I am the best newbie YSFHQ has seen thus far. And as of 21-Jan-12, I have become a legend for creating my first 13-plane aircraft pack in only two days, finishing a week after I started modelling. Here's the pack for more details: My favorite aircraft is the 737-300, but I can fly just about everything EXCEPT the Antonov An-225, which for some reason WILL NOT get off the ground no matter how hard I try. I look forward to seeing you in the skies.

My Affiliations Edit

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