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About MeEdit

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

Started playing YSF (offline) in 2007. Became a member of YSP (1.0) in 2008. Joined the 241st Shadow Hunters in November 2008. Created his first mod, February 2010 (a T-50 PAK FA based on Impulse's semi-GAC model) Followed by the F/A-36 aircraft in June, 2010. Then the MQ-21 Gulbi aircraft in August, 2010. Updated the PAK FA & formed the Dragon Pack in February, 2011. Currently doing the occasional kitbash, when I have free time.

===My Affiliations===

Ex 3IC or General-Leytenant Aviátsii in the inactive 241st Shadow Hunters.

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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