About MeEdit

I started playing YS Flight offline in late 2010, and found out about addons in late 2011. I spent nearly a year content with simply the default aircraft. Goes to show how fun YS Flight really is!

I am currently an Aerospace Engineering major, and I hope to do aerodynamics work in the future.


I joined the HQ in late October 2011. Within a few months, I was involved with map making, and on my way to enjoying my time with YSFlight. After completing the Philippines Beta Map V2.0 which nearly crashed my computer to fly, I started to look at modding aircraft. My first project was my Aggressor F/A-18 C/D Hornets. Since then I've published several addons, including 737 repaints, and the Bombadier CRJ-200, -700, and -900 blank models.


  • Head of the YSFHQ Modding team
  • Global Moderator at YSFHQ
  • Member of the 171st
  • Member of HAVA

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