Darris XTMRage (commonly known by his initials, J.D.) was a member of YSFHQ and a long-time offline player in YS. He is 21 years old as of 11/6/2015.


Little is known about J.D.'s history in YS prior to his arrival in 2011. His oldest history traces back to 2001, when he first started playing.

In 2011, along with HawkbitAlpha, KDFire, and Mr. Madcatter, he was one of the founders of Team Rage. To this day, he still remains the commander of TR. He was also the co-founder of Intercontinental Airways VA 3 months prior, and was appointed as EXO.

He initially joined YSFHQ in early 2012 as a representative for IAVA, and didn't show up much otherwise.

In 2013, he became active again, and discovered the Teamspeak server. However, after an incident with Ace Lord, he left again.

After a second incident involving Ace Lord, the situation went bad. In early 2014, he commanded a mass impersonation scheme (which involved TR's partner group) on a different website, possibly as an attempt at payback. After one member of YSFHQ discovered this, J.D. was banned from YSFHQ, ending his history as a member of the online community.

However, shortly before the incident, he had officially retired from playing YS, and claims that he didn't care that he got banned.


  • Team Rage #1, Co-founder/CO (2011-present)
  • Intercontinental Airways VA, Co-founder/EXO (2011-2014)

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