Jonathan "J.D." Devany (known on YSFHQ as Darris XTMRage) is a former member of YSFHQ and a long-time YS offline pilot. He is 23 years old as of December 2017.


Completely unknown to the online community of YS, J.D. first came to the community's attention in the fall of 2011 as a co-founder of Alpha Company (then known as Team Rage), which he effectively ran as its leader for more than two years afterwards. At the same time, he helped co-found Intercontinental Airways VA with AC member HawkbitAlpha, in which he served as its EXO from 2011 to 2014.

Initially, J.D. only ventured into YSFHQ in early 2012 as a representative of Intercontinental, and was otherwise out of the community's sight. However, after joining HQ's Teamspeak server and getting caught in multiple quarrels with Ace Lord, J.D. performed acts involving HQ members on a different website that would eventually lead to him being banned from the community in spring 2014.

J.D.'s actions, though not necessarily malicious, irreparably damaged the reputation of Alpha Company's parent organization, Task Force 51, on YSFHQ, and are suspected of setting a precedent for the banning of HawkbitAlpha later that year. In spite of being banned, J.D. insists that he has gone largely unaffected by it, as he had abandoned YS in general a few months prior.