DNMViewer is a legcy program still used my many modders to create dnm files and create animations in their models. There are several versions currently released or in development. The Stable current releases are exclusively on Windows OS.

Version HistoryEdit

The original version of DNMViewer was exclusively in Japaneese, but was translated into English, and is widely used. For a time it was the only way to create animations in YSF, until the Paint Scripts were developed for Blender 2.49.

In March 2013, Soji began to update DNMViewer and create a version for Mac OSX. Currently it lacks the ability to create animations, but it is still in development. It incorperates many updates made to scenery editor, and renders models in the 20130805 stable release.

The Mac OSX version of DNMViewer needs to be compiled an run thru Terminal for each running.


There are several tutorials/ partial guides for DNMViewer, but the best, most comprehensive is from Dragon029. It can currently be found here on YSFWiki and here on

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