About MeEdit

Hi, I'm Crazypilot! Veteran Poster at YSFHQ and master of doing barrel rolls in a Boeing 747. I hail from Lahore, which is in Pakistan. Fan of russian aviation and First-Person-Shooters. You may see me on the teamspeak fooling around.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

I first heard of this game from my cousin, who used to play this game back in 2003. I was pretty young back then and couldn't do more than takeoff, roll upside down, crash, and then rage quit. I played the game occasionally now and then from 2008-2009 and got some mods from YSPilots but never bothered to join it.

After that, I got Flight Simulator X and completely forgot about YSFlight. Don't get me wrong, FSX's a great sim, but it doesn't have what YSFlight has, a tight community, awesome modders, the ability to more than just long haul flights. That's what FSX didn't have and that's what made me join YSFHQ around the start of the summer in 2011.Nowadays, I don't really fly unless there's an event or a lot of people online. Mostly just chilling with my bros on teamspeak and talking about random stuff.

My AffiliationsEdit

  • Squadrons:

323rd: First squadron I joined, got kicked out of it for starting another squadron without informing my CO I was doing so. I am now back in it as the 2IC alongside Welshy, who is now the commander of the 323rd. 57th: The other squadron I joined after the 323rd, had a lot of fun training the recruits but I left this squadron when it became very inactive. 108th: Last squadron I was in before joining the 323rd again, had TONS of fun with these guys, I remember going up in a Sepecat alongside about 4 or 5 squadron mates in a ground attack mission at Airstrike Challenge and running out of fuel while returning to base.

  • Virtual Airlines:

FAVA: Yeah, best VA ever. We would always chill on the teamspeak when not flying. HAVA: The VA I'm currently in. Currently a Staff Member and Captain. Don't do a lot of flights though, maybe one or two a week.

  • Aerobatics:

HAVA Airshow Team: Exactly what the name says, done only one demo so far, that was at the VNAF AirFest 2012. I flew the 777 alongside my two F-16 escorts. Hopefully, we'll do more.

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

Coming soon....

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