Here is a table of various well established ACTIVE YSFlight Communities:

  • (Active communities are ranked by activity)
Name of Website Related YSFWiki Article Link to the Website Language Status
YSFlight Headquarters YSFlight Headquarters YSFlight Headquarters English Active
YSFlight Wiki YSFlight Wiki YSFlight Wiki English Active
YSFLIGHT@2ch YSFLIGHT@2ch YSFLIGHT@2ch Japanese Active
YSFlight Korea YSFlight Korea YSFlight Korea Korean Active
YSFlight Addons (UK) YSFlight Addons (UK) YSFlight Addons UK English Active
YSFlight Brazil YSFlight Brazil YSFlight Brazil Portugese Active

Over time, there have also been other websites such as various blogs made by users from around the world.

There are also communities that can no longer be reached because their websites are down. Some may have websites that are still running but are never used anymore. Here is a table of INACTIVE YSFlight Communities:

Name of Website Related YSFWiki Article Language
YSPilots YSPilots English
YSFlight Birdfarm YSFlight Birdfarm English


YSFlight Treehouse

YSFlight Treehouse


ETNU's YSFlight Wiki

ETNU's YSFlight Wiki


YSFlight Booru YSFlight Booru English
YSFlight United Kingdom YSFlight United Kingdom English

YSFlight Refugee Camp

YSFlight Refugee Camp English
YSFlight South East Asia YSFlight SEA English
YSUpload (YSFHQ) YSUpload English
YSFlight Addons (Brazil) YSFlight Addons English
YSFlight Hispana YSFlight Hispana Spanish
YS Halcones YS Halcones Spanish

Realtime CommunicationEdit

YSFHQ has a Discord Server available at this link:


A dynamic server list can be found here at YSFlight Headquarters:

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