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This was posted as a tool for beginner modders to understand some lessons learned by experience modders.

FAQ: Why is 0 0 0 a bad choice to color an aircraft?Edit


It is understandable

A modder, going fo try to paint for the first time or so, and wants a black plane. He sets it to 0, 0, 0.

However, 0, 0, 0 means that there is no colour at all, pitch black. It gives the appearence that there is a "hole" if you will. It will be darker than night! Real aircraft had the issue of being darker than night (Not that dark though) so they were not painted one very very dark colour, but a lighter one.

If you look at most objects that are black, you see that they are not pitch black, and reflect some light, allowing you to see tecture and shadows.

So I would recomend a low value for each colour, perhaps 20, 20, 20.

Actually, this goes for any colour. Don't have a "pure" colour, have low values of other colours as well. This will make it look more realistic.

Taskforce 58 (TF58):Edit

Because 0 0 0 is as dark a color as you can get. YSflight renders shading of a polygon by making it darker, and if the polygon is already at 0 0 0 then it cannot be made any darker. That means a model with multiple polygons at 0 0 0 can have no shading rendered on it, and without proper shading it will just appears as a black hole instead of a 3D object with contours that you can observe.

I found that in real life glossy black surface tends to appear darker than a flat or satin black surface, so I usually use 8 8 8 for glossy black, 16 16 16 or even 24 24 24 for flat black. BTW rubber tires are not black, not even in real life. They are more like a very dark grey. I usually use 32 32 32 or even 40 40 40 for them.

FAQ: Is there a place to use 0 0 0 black?Edit

Taskforce 58 (TF58):Edit

I use 0 0 0 to simulate an opening where the inside is not modeled, such as the tail pipe or landing gear bays on a GAC level model, or the muzzle of a gun barrel. 

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