About the Group

The Brotherhood of Honor, also known as The Brotherhood or BoH, is a cooperative alliance that formed in April 2017 between the two oldest squadrons in the YSFlight community, the CVW-171 and the VFA-49 Ghosthawks. The formation of this alliance, created by Margatroid and managed equally among CVW-171 and VFA-49 commanders, came after the rising tensions between these two squadrons and the GrunSolutions PMC and Neo-United Nations, which came off of the back of a war between the VFA-49 Ghosthawks and GrunSolutions. The alliance is notable for marking the end of long time hostilities between the CVW-171 and VFA-49, who prior to the more recent events and the formation of the alliance, had been hostile with each other for as long as a decade.

Group Objective

Both squadrons in the alliance aim to achieve high levels of air superiority, ground attack and other duties, as well as standardization of combat. The BoH in particular as an idea is also a direct counter to the Neo-United Nations. Under this alliance, the squadrons cooperate to achieve these objectives by cooperating with each other in training and practices, live combat situations, research and development (such as testing new aircraft), accommodation, area defense (defense of each others home bases) and intelligence.

General Information

Executive Staff and command structure::

While Margatroid created and oversees the group, it's operations are managed cooperatively and shared between the two squadrons' commanders on an equal basis. The group also includes some members whom are from neither squad, who are part of an extra arm of the BoH referred to as the 404th.

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