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Contrary to popular belief, the blue Dolphins are not Dolphins.

The YSFlight Blue Dolphins are a formation Jet Display team formed in 2011 by Scarecrow. Since 2011 the team has become very successful in becoming YSFHQ's premiere Display team mostly performing as a headline act in all YSFlight airshows to date. The Blue Dolphins use the KAI T-50 Golden Eagle an advanced trainer used by the South Korean Air Force. The aim of the YS Blue Dolphins was to bring like minded aerobatic enthusiasts together in a team to perform crowd pleasing outmaneuvers and tight formations which can only be performed after hours of practice and dedication leading up to the event.

The Team Edit

Blue Dolphin 1 - VNAF ONE


This shot shows the close formation and precision aerobatics of the team.

Blue Dolphin 2 - Venom "Venoob" The noobmaster Noob

Blue Dolphin 3 - Scarecrow

Blue Dolphin 4 - Kujo

Notable Appearances Edit

YSAS Sendai Air Festival - April 2nd/3rd 2011


The Blue Dolphins flying with the Welsh Hawks at UKAA YSRIAT 2013.

YS Grand Prix "Fly past"- 2011

YSAS Jones Beach Airshow - October 29th 2011

YSAS NAF El Centro Airshow - March 17th 2012

VNAF Airfest July 12th/13th 2013

YSAS International Air Show - November 16th 2013

YSAA Sanicole Airshow - January 4th 2013

UKAA YSFlight Royal International Air Tattoo (YSRIAT) - December 8th 2013


Venoob Noobing around at low level like a noob.

YSFlight Phillip Island International Air Show - April 19th 2014?

YSFlight Phillip Island International Air Show - April 20th 2014

YSAS Cherokee Valley Air Show - March 15th 2014 - Cancelled

YSAS Maui Festival of Flight - June 1st 2014

VNAF Air Fest - August 15th/16th 2014

YSAS International Air Show - October 18th 2014

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