Setting Up BlenderEdit

The first step in using blender for YSFlight is to install the blender scripts included in YS Paint Kit . Refer to YSFlightHeadquarters for installation guides and support.

You can find installation instructional videos on YouTube from Decaff_42.


Mac OSX:

Special Note For Vista Users:

Because of the different file structure use the following steps to install the YS Paint Scripts.

  1. Install Python and Blender (This works best with only one version of blender installed on your computer)
  2. Do a global search on your C:/ Drive for ""
  3. This will bring you to the correct folder to deposit the paint scripts
  4. Follow the rest of the windows installation tutorial.

User InterfaceEdit

YSFS Blender User Interface

YSFS Blender 2.49b User Interface

The Graphical User Interface of Blender 2.4 allows for easy access to countless tools and features.

The Interface defaults to a 3 window mode. From top to bottom it is:

  • User Preferences
  • 3D View
  • Button Window

Learning to Use BlenderEdit

There are many tutorials about using blender and getting familiar with some of it's controls. You can look up commands and shortcuts on the Blender 2.4 User Manual found here:

Decaff_42 has some tutorials to introduce some common tools in his tutorial series. You can find his series playlist here: He also has a series of learn-to-use Blender tutorials on his website.

Kurosaki has some videos about painting, adding text, and shrinkwrapping here: