Hi guys, Bernholm here. I live in Hong Kong. I really love Boeing and their aircraft, because Boeing is very innovative with their airplanes. They always come up with new technology before Airbus just takes it and claims credit (hint hint at B787-A350 dilemma). You'll notice that the A350 was BORN out of competition for the 787. It is my dream to one day fly on the Dreamliner. In fact, it is even on my bucket list.

Anyways, I am best friends with GimiGlider, over several games, and we talk on the phone all day long. We are also in a YSFLIGHT video competition with each other, trying to get more videos, more views, and more minutes. Gimi and I go back a long ways.

Let's move on to my YSFLIGHT career. I am a member in YSFHQ, am very bad at combat, very interested in helicopters... Let's talk about helicopters. I am a huge fan of them and I joined one of the biggest chopper Virtual Airlines out there, Air Colibri Horizons, in around Feb. 2012. ACH is a fun airline to be in, since we fly about 10 helicopters and do tours of Hawaii as well. If you want to sign up, get a YSFHQ account and then fill out this survey (not linked yet).

Anywyas, that's all I've got to say for now. Over and out.

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