Ace Lord

About MeEdit

Hello there fellow YS fans, my callsign is Ace Lord and I am the owner/operator of Sky Surfer Airshows. Originally, I began playing YS to transfer my Ace Combat clan when activity became sluggish in that community. Sadly, I disbanded group of 50+ members (75% of whom were inactive) after other struggling clan leaders and I held a special conference to consolidate under one name. The talks went nowhere due to bickering over leadership, so those of us who were still acting professionally decided to just leave as we had come. Since I had already began playing, I figured why not just stick around. Today I may not be most noted member of the community, but I can definitely say that I am noticed out of all those who do play.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

▪ 2007 -- First Played YS ▪ 2008 -- Joined VFA-49 Ghosthawks ▪ 2009 -- First attended and flew at YS Airshows event. Also formed Sky Surfer Airshows in March of that year. ▪ 2010 -- Sky Surfer Airshows completed first full airshow circuit. ▪ 2011 -- Sky Surfer Airshows completes 2nd airshow circuit and partners with VNAF Aerobatics for enhanced aerobatics display ▪ 2012 -- ??????

My AffiliationsEdit

VFA-49 GhosthawksYSFHQVNAF Aerobatics

My YSFlight GalleryEdit

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