The 444-CV Corvettes (also referred to simply as the 444-CV) was an underground group and faux YSFlight squadron led by Varren and PC195 (aka PC999) that existed from early-to-mid 2012.


The 444-CV was formed in early 2012 by Alpha Star (who soon after, silently resigned), Varren, and PC195 (Inactive as of September 2014). The group was involved in numerous conflicts and controversies due to the nature of their activities. The 444-CV often kept logs and recordings of their interactions with others to later use to their benefit. Naturally, others found out later on. This caused many to see the 444-CV negatively, a reputation which the group found entertaining at first yet ultimately led to the faux squadron's downward spiral.

The 444-CV's members and operations were kept completely secret and only revealed to those who had been selected by the group. However, later on it is obvious that their operations usually involved either protecting this secrecy or furthering the groups standing in the community. Many saw the 444-CV members on the servers as trolls however they were usually operating under a larger objective.

War later erupted as one group stood up to the 444-CV, the 108th. This war was fought rather differently due to the nature of the 444-CV, involving deception and treachery instead of simple dogfights on the servers. These actions progressively got worse, ending up far out of what would be expected to happen in a simple flight simulator. These actions later got so bad that to avoid them happening further - the 108th conceded the war and later disbanded. It is not clear whether this could be considered a true YSFlight war due to the nature of the conflict.

Secret Operations later continued into the deeper end of 2014 until the group was officially disbanded as the members took up more serious responsibilities within the community and saw how the group was not needed. Only a couple of the members have had their identities released, a large majority of those who participated within the group remain anonymous due to the remaining negative impulses towards the group. The group reached double digits at its height with some members only being known to the leader and sometimes one or two other members.


  • Alpha Star, Founder (Aliases: Gamma Ray)
  • Varren, Leader (Aliases: Hunter)
  • PC195, Co-leader (Aliases: Flare)
  • HawkbitAlpha (Aliases: Theta)

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