About The SquadronEdit

The 397th Tactical Fighter/Bomber Squadron, was a squadron formed by YSFlight Headquarters Member, Nodoka Hanamura , that was scuttled in 2012.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

The 397th TFBS was a Squadron Designed to Protect Servers from Rulebreakers, as well as participate in Airshows, to Demonstrate the Squadron's abilities. As well as being capable of the Following:

-SEAD (Supression of Enemy Air Defenses)

-CAS (Close Air Support)

-CAP (Combat Air Patrol)


General InformationEdit

The Squadron has had only one member:

- Nodoka Hanamura


The 397th was Officially Formed in Late-Spring of 2011 as the 8492nd, but was later changed to the 397th amongst negative responses from the YSFlight community. The Squadron was designed to consist of only 8 Fighter Jets. Due to the childish concept of it's name and all associated with it, It was scuttled in 2012.


External linksEdit

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