323rd Emblem

The 323rd CAW Emblem


About The SquadronEdit

The 323rd CAW (Common Air Wing) was formed in April 2011 after the merger of the 367th Special Missions Wing and 323rd Fighter Squadron. It is commanded by Welshy and Martin-Dutchie with the 3IC as Dave J.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

The objective of the 323rd is mainly defensive operations although it is also tasked with taking out hostile forces which may be posing a threat to civilians.


General InformationEdit

They fly multiple aircraft such as the F/A-18E Super Hornet and A-10 Warthog. The 323rd CAW has the following sub-squadrons:

  • 100th Perigrine Falcons - Air Superiority
  • 201st Ground Hogs - Ground Attack
  • 367th (R) Inners - Training
  • 800th Dolphins - Naval and Expeditionary Warfare
  • 8th Support - AWACS, Rescue and Transport



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