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About The SquadronEdit


108th TFS

The 108th TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron) was a fixed-wing ground attack squadron formed in March 1st 2012. The 108th TFS is best known for it's use of the AV-8B Harrier which was used for almost all roles.


108th TFS Sub-Squadrons

1 F (Fighter) Squadron

2 T (Transport) Squadron

4 H (Helicopter) Squadron

95th SD (Stealth Dragon) Experimental Squadron

108th SFW

The 108th SFW (Strategic Fighter Wing) Was the second revolution of the 108th. This squadron continued to focus on training though put more emphasis on operational missions. The fleet was mostly made up of European aircraft.

108th SFW Sub-Squadrons

1 F (Fighter) Squadron

2 T (Training) Squadron

4 GA (Ground Attack) Squadron

The 108th is currently disbanded.

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